Dr. Mohamed Hassan Taha completed his medical school (MBBS) at the University of Gezira. He attained a Master and Doctor of Philosophy in Health Professions Education. He had more than 15 years of experience in Medical Education in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Dr. Mohamed is involved in health professions education across the continuum of undergraduate and graduate level at the University of Sharjah, and now serves as the Director of Medical Education Centre and Coordinator of the Master of Science in Leadership in Health Professions Education. He also works as consultant in Medical Education for Several Medical Schools in the region, and globally. he worked as consultant in developing competency frameworks at undergraduate and postgraduate level nationally and regionally. He is a member of international panel of expert of ASPIRE Award at An International Association for Medical Education AMEE and The Network: Towards Unity For Health TUFH. His research interest is curriculum development and social accountability, Teaching and learning, online learning and engagement, and learning environment."

"Teaching experience:
More than 15 year experience in teching and learning; facilitating small group learning (PBL, TBL) and students supervision, interactive lecturing. Currently he is assistant professor of medical education, university of Sharjah, Coordinator of Master of Scineces in Leadership in Health Professions Education and Director of Medical Education Centre at Univeristy of Sharjah.
Research Interst:
Curriculum Development, Social Accountability, Onlined Learning and Engagment, Teaching and Learning. "

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