Dr Hussein completed his medical degree at the University of Alzaeem Alazhary in Sudan. He attained a master of health sciences in bioethics at the University of Toronto, Canada, and a PhD in bioethics at the University of Birmingham, UK. He has been actively involved in teaching, consulting, and advising in the fields of medical ethics, public health, and health research. He has contributed to some key references (articles and book chapters) in the fields of medical, research, and public health ethics for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, the World Health Organization and many universities. The books he has contributed to are used for examining residents in most of the GCC countries. He, himself, is an accredited exam writer at the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. He has served on various clinical and research ethics committees (aka IRBs) in regional and international institutions. Dr Hussein has been involved in many regional and international professional bodies, including the American Association for Public Health, the International Ethics Education Association, EMPHNET, the Saudi Society for Healthcare Ethics, among others, and participates as a peer reviewer in international journals.

10+ years of experience in teaching medical ethics, health research, and public health

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  • Health Professions Education