Dr. Fawatih Mohamed Abouh graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Gezira in Sudan. She completed her residency training in Khartoum, Sudan, and then worked at the Ministry of Health in Oman for more than 8 years. Dr. Abouh attained a Master degree in Public Health from the Program in Applied Public Health Sciences at the University of Connecticut, USA, in 2016, where she currently teaches Public Health students. Dr. Abouh is teaching Health Administration to both graduate and undergraduate students. She has extensive expertise and academic interests in epidemiology, applied research, program evaluation, and public health systems. Additionally, Dr. Abouh holds the position of Community Health Epidemiologist at Yale New Haven Health System in Connecticut, USA. In her spare time, she participates as a reviewer for a number of grants making organizations in the state of Connecticut and continues to have recognizable efforts in philanthropy.

Epidemiology, Health Administration, Public Health, Biostatistics, & Data Management 

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