Date : 07/25/2022

Given the need for institutions globally to achieve sustainable development goals through collaborations, it is with great pleasure and honor that Medlico Research & Training Centre, Zimbabwe and Avicenna Health Institute (AHI), USA are proudly announcing the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to guide their collaboration in training, research and consultancy services.
Both institutions share a vision that is inclusive of research processes which is a fundamental aspect in all training, capacity building and educational activities. This common aspect in vision places the partnership of Medlico and Avecinna in an advanced position to evaluate more potential collaboration areas to support the achievement of sustainable development goals.
The Memorandum of Understanding will serve as a basis for collaboration in the following areas:
• To provide certification and accreditation of job-relevant courses offered by AHI to professionals in the health science industry in Zimbabwe and Africa at large
• Availing a contact center for those in Zimbabwe that are enrolled in courses offered by AHI through Medlico.
• Delivery of online and in-person courses for those enrolled with AHI and Medlico
• To conduct joint consultancy for use in civil society and in government institutions to aid with the formation of policy and program implementation.
• Support for all local students and full-time attendance to student queries.
• Hosting of graduation ceremonies with representatives of AHI in Harare, Zimbabwe where students will receive their certifications in person.
The successful implementation of this Memorandum of Understanding will see an increase in the capabilities of persons within the medical science field in Zimbabwe and the African continent. This strategic partnership is a true reflection of the commitment of both institutions to improving health systems globally through training and educating those who work in the sector.
This partnership will in turn facilitate the formulation of research-based strategies that are founded by well-qualified and capacitated personnel. The sustainable development goals relevant to this collaboration are “Good Health” and “Education” which are great pillars for success globally. Overburdened communities will begin to see a change in the quality of life of the population within these communities as the training will benefit public health and assist in the minimization of threats to it.

About AHI:
AHI is US based registered educational organization that offers contextualized affordable, 100% online job-relevant courses to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals and learners in the health science field.
About Medlico:
Medlico is an integrated solution-focused research and training center. Medlico was founded in response to the overwhelming need for data, research and capacity building in Zimbabwe and African Region. Medlico aims to align its processes with the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through collaborations and partnerships to achieve results that have a regional and global impact.

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