"Asim Q Ali, MBBS, MHPE, PhD
Teaching and Learning Health Professionals
School of Medicine
University of Bristol

Asim joined University of Bristol in 2021 as a Lecturer and is the Lead for MSc (Distance Learning) within the TLHP programme.

For the past 10 years he has been involved in medical education in Vanderbilt University, Swansea University, University of Houston, as well as Faculty Development programmes in the National University-Sudan. As Director of CPD, Asim planned, delivered, and oversaw curricular and organizational development projects. His abiding interests remain in teacher development, academic leadership, and community of practice; hence, he is keen on being involved in mentoring fellow lecturers, tutors, and students from all walks of life.

Prior to earning his master’s in Health Professions Education from Vanderbilt University, Asim held a medical degree from the International University of Africa. He is currently finishing a PhD in Medical Education at Swansea University investigating the effectiveness of Cognitive Load Theory in improving learning and problem-solving. His research utilizes the innovative use of evidence-based frameworks of systematic reviews and meta-analyses to synthesize evidence and inform educators on best practices. Asim’s major research interests are in the areas of Problem-Solving, Instructional Design, Cognitive Load Theory, Mental Models, and Decision Making. He welcomes all students and researchers wishing to collaborate on any of the themes listed here as well as other topics in educational research." 

Evidence synthesis, Problem-solving, Cognitive Load Theory, Working Memory, Mental Models, Instructional Design and Task Analysis.

  • Clinical Sciences
  • Research
  • Personal Development
  • Health Professions Education